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27 OTTOBRE 2022


The Italian Military Geographic Institute has a long tradition of serving the country and stands out in the Italian military scenario as one of the Institutes that has been in the same location for the longest time, since its foundation.

 It was established in Turin, under a different name, in the aftermath of the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. In 1865, when Florence was capital, it was relocated in the premises of the old Florentine Sapienza, working until today.

 In 1872, due to the increasing scientific challenges related to the Italian territory, the technical section of the General Staff of the Italian Army (it would be called Royal Italian Army only in 1879) became a more complex body under the leadership of a Major General (Division General) with a large number of civilian and military technicians.

In this context, Royal Decree No. 1084 of October 27, 1872 stated the establishment of the Military Topographic Institute with the purpose of performing geodetic and topographic work for the military needs of the nation.

 Il regio decreto che istituisce l'Istituto Geografico Militare

Caption: The Royal Decree establishing the Italian Military Geographic Institute.

 In 1882, the Institute assumed its current name of Italian Military Geographic Institute, broadening its skills to all technical geographic activities for both civilian and military purposes.

In the last century and a half, people, surveying methodologies, instruments and techniques of land representation have changed. Even the way of setting up and using a map has changed, but the basic concept of cartographic work has remained absolutely unchanged.

 I would like to conclude by saying that The Italian Military Geographic Institute on the 150th Anniversary since its founding, while remembering civilian and military Fallen, remains proud of its Institutional Work at the service of the Nation by continuing its commitment to Geographic knowledge and technical culture, which are the basis of its very essence for future times as well.


The Commander of the IGM

(Maj. Gen. Pietro TORNABENE)