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Positioning inside the map

You can find your area of interest by the following three steps:

  1. Selecting “cerca località” (search place)
  2. Using the icons displayed on the left hand side
  3. Entering the point coordinates in order to start your search

Cerca località (Search place)

You can use the “Cerca località” field to search for place names inside the map (Municipalities, built-up areas, rivers) except for addresses or street names!

Enter the name of the place you are searching for in the field “search place” (don’t use accent marks! For example write Mondovi instead of Mondovì)

Ricerca per toponimo


Select one of the place names from the drop-down menu. The place name you have selected will be displayed in the map.

Useful suggestions for your search

  • Don’t use accent marks (search for Mondovi instead of Mondovì)
  • Don’t enter addresses, street or shop names.

How to use buttons

You can move inside the map by using the icons displayed in the top left part:

  • Comandi: home Icon "Home": go back to the first map
  • Comandi: sposta Icon "Move"
  • Comandi: zoom in Icon "Zoom in"
  • Comandi: zoom out Icon "Zoom out"
  • Comandi: zoom su area Icon "Zoom on the area" you can draw the area you want to zoom in/out


Positioning by using coordinates

Use the icon Inserisci coordinate

Choose between WGS 84/Geo (Gradi) for degrees and WGS 84/Geo (Decimali) for decimals

Enter the coordinates in the search field. Some examples of the correct formats are shown below:

WGS 84/Geo (Gradi)

Degrees, minutes and seconds:

Lon 12° 20' 29,40"N

Lat 42° 10' 27,51"E

WGS 84/Geo (Decimali):

Lon 12,20814

Lat 42,17428

Comandi: finestra di ricerca per coordinare

A red cross is displayed in the corresponding location

Segnaposto della coordinata

How to enter coordinates

Here are some suggestions to enter coordinates in accordance to the program in use:

  • Use commas instead of dots to separate decimals.
    Wrong format: 2.17403 41.40338. Correct Format: 2,17403 41,40338.
  • First enter longitude coordinates (LON) and then latitude coordinates (LAT) (if you have used Google Maps to find the coordinates you have to invert the two values you have!).
  • Check that the first number of the longitude coordinate is between -180 and 180
  • Check that the first number of the latitude coordinate is between -90 and 90