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How to select an area on the map

Once your area of interest is displayed in the map, you can draw a rectangle where you want to search for products.

You can draw the search area by:

  1. Clicking on the map
  2. Using the “Select area” icon

Clicking on the map

By clicking once on the map you will draw a small rectangle. You will search for geographic products inside this area.

Selezione con un click

“Select area” icon

By the “Select area” icon Comandi: seleziona you can draw a rectangle on the map

When the “select area” icon is active, click and drag the mouse on the map.

When the mouse button is released a red rectangle will pinpoint the search area .

Suggestions to select the area of interest

The “select area” icon has to be active (with a blue background like in this picture) Comandi: seleziona in order to draw an area on the map

The icon is not active if there isn’t a blue background (see this picture) Comandi: seleziona non attivo , so you can’t draw an area inside the map.

To delete an area you can:

  • Draw a new area
  • Click on the icon “Reset area” Comandi: deseleziona