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Black-and-white or colour aerial photographs

Please select the mode of purchasing aerial photograms in black/white or color that suits you best.

The aerial stereoscopic photographs of the Italian territory, yearly repeated, are taken by nadir photograms. Photograms are photogrammetric, normally in 23x23 format, panchromatic (B/W) and the estimated scale is at 1:33.000 (it changes according to the spot elevation). Since 1988 the Italian territory’s photographs have been taken using a movie camera equipped with FMC - forward image motion compensation - and high-definition film. Thanks to the photograms obtained following this method, terrain’s characteristics can be better analyzed and understood.

Grigio, 26x26 Purchase Information: photograms are not available for immediate download. Once purchased they will be delivered within about 15 days.

Piccolo scorcio del territorio mostrato in una foto aerea in bianco e nero

Digital images of aerial photographs

They are obtained by scanning the entire photogram at 800, 2400 o 2500 DPI (Dot Per Inch).

As for the 2500 DPI resolution, the scan of the original photogram is obtained by transparency except for the images scanned from negatives in 30x30 format, which can only be scanned at the highest resolution of 2400 DPI.

The digital data are currently provided in .tiff or pdf format

Digital image of the entire photogram in TIFF format

The scan of the entire photogram, in tiff format is available ath three resolutions: 800, 2400 or 2500 DPI (Dot Per Inch) and is primarily intended for photointerpretation

It is highlighted that for photo interpretation research, 2400 and 2500 DPI scans are practically equivalent.

The difference is in the geometric accuracy, obtained by photogrammetric scanner of the 2500 DPI product stereoscopic (3D) methodologies in which at least two contiguous photograms are essential.

Digital image of the entire photogram in CERTIFIED PDF format

This product consists of a digital image of the entire photogram in high-resolution (2400 DPI) pdf format certified and digitally signed by an Officer of the IGMI.

This file contains all of the photogram's identifying metadata (year of flight, 1:100.000 scale sheet no., swipe no., photogram no.)

This product lend itself, according to the terms allowed and stipulated by law, to a wider use than paper photographic enlargements provided to date,


Photograms since 1937Buy online in the Geoprodotti section.
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Grigio, 26x26 Buying guides: please read How to use the geographical research browser and How to buy an aerial photograph