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Verto 2K

Verto 2k and Verto 3k



Verto2k and Verto3k:- Common features:

Verto2k and Verto3k are IGMI software that carry out coordinate conversions between both planimetric and altimetric Geodetic Reference Systems with the same results of those officially adopted by IGMI.

As for plane coordinates, both software carry out conversions between the most used systems in Italy (ROMA40, ED50, ETRF89 and ETRF2000) in all possible combinations. In addition to geographic coordinates, Verto 2k and Verto 3k also allow to deal with plane coordinates belonging to the Cartographic Systems normally associated with the above-mentioned Geodetic Systems: Gauss-Boaga for ROMA40, UTM for ED50, and UTM and Fuso Italia, for the implementations of the Global System.

As for heights, both allow to transform ellipsoid heights, referring to the geocentric ellipsoid GRS80, into geoidal ones (sea level), relating to national altimetric references, and vice versa.

Verto3k: - Additional features:

In addition to the above-mentioned performance, Verto3k carries out determination and application of transformation’s parameters between different Reference Systems. More in detail, having an adequate number of double points, which are known in two systems,  also defined by the user, this software allows the determination of geometric relations between two different reference systems in both plane and spatial roto-translation parameters form; specific functions are also available allowing the application of the above-mentioned parameters.

Gridded data:

Only algorithms needed to carry out  transformations are stored in both software, but not data, that must be purchased separately in grid form stored exclusively with the following file extensions:

  • *.gk1: allowing heights’ conversions by means of ITALGEO99 geoid model;
  • *.gk2: allowing heights’ conversions by means of ITALGEO2005 geoid model.

These gridded data are available in two formats:

  • covering each sheet of Italy’s map at scale 1:50.000 (about 600 sq km),  and identified by the sheet's number;
  • covering around each IGM95 point (about 300 sq km) and identified by the point’s number.

For converting coordinates within the same Reference System, throughout the national territory, you don't need  files containing the grid's areas of interest..

Types of input:

Two different inputs are possible:

  • from keyboard, with monitor output;
  • from text or MS-Excel (*.xls) files, with the same output format..

Software's evolution:

Verto2k and Verto3k are the evolution of  previous version of Verto2+ and Verto3,  to which the modern implementation of the ETRS89 Global Reference System named ETRF2000 (2008.0) has been added.
The new “k” versions don't support previous gr1 and gr2 grid's formats. For using previous grid's formats, please don't uninstall  old Verto versions. .


Immagine 26x26 per link riguardanti l'acquisto di prodotti Software VERTO2K: buy the hardware key allowing to use  VERTO2K software

Immagine 26x26 per link riguardanti l'acquisto di prodottiSoftware VERTO3K: buy the hardware key allowing to use  VERTO3K software

IMPORTANT: Once you make the purchase, you will receive the hardware key at home, while the software and the guidebook must be downloaded from the links in the section below.


Information on purchases made after April 2020:

For purchases made after this date, a Gemalto hardware key, not requiring drivers, is provided.
VERTO2k  (from April 2020)
download the documentation
download the installation package
VERTO3k (from April 2020)
download the documentation
download the installation package

For purchases made until March 2020: 
For purchases made until this date, 2 types of hardware key are provided:

EUTRON black key Chiave vertonot requiring driver
EUTRON  blue key Chiave verto requiring driver. Download the EUTRON key's driver for Windows 7 or the installation package suitable also for 64 bit systems

VERTO2k (until March 2020)
download the documentation
download the installation package
VERTO3k (until March 2020)
download the documentation
download the installation package